Gaming has been a life-long passion for Andrew ‘Zyori‘ Campbell, though his career in esports began with the release of Starcraft II in 2010. He first started broadcasting and hosting events with a project called HyperCrewTV during his second year of undergraduate study at Rowan University, where he graduated in 2012 with a B.S. in Entrepreneurship.  Under the Hyper Crew flag, Zyori sponsored and produced over 50 small Starcraft tournaments before starting moving into Heroes of Newerth.

After producing some self-made content and working as a community caster, Zyori found a home at Honcast, the premier HoN broadcasting studio previously owned by S2 Games.  After casting with Honcast for about 6 months, Zyori moved on to a remote contract with Garena SEA before starting the transition to Dota 2.

Zyori went on to launch a project called Dota Radio and broke into Dota 2 commentary with a radio-style of play by play commentary catered for audio-only listeners.  In conjunction with now EG Manager Charlie Yang, Zyori launched the Dota Radio Morning Show, a thrice-weekly podcast reporting on current news stories and interviews with prominent community members.

Zyori was chosen to serve as an analyst on the  analysis couch at MLG Columbus 2013 and shortly after joined Beyond the Summit as one of their premier casters. During his time at BTS, he acted as one of four key people in designing and managing The Summit 1, 2, and 3.  After leaving Beyond the Summit, Zyori started a new studio & agency called MoonduckTV alongside SUNSfan, syndereN, and Purge.

Events Cast

Dreamhack Summer 2012 – Heroes of Newerth, S2 Games (2012)
MLG Columbus 2013 – Dota 2, Major League Gaming (2013)
The Summit – Dota 2, Beyond the Summit (2014)
Starladder Season X – Dota 2, Beyond the Summit (2014)
The Summit 2 – Dota 2, Beyond the Summit (2014)
Starladder Season XI – Dota 2, Beyond the Summit (2015)
Major All Stars – Dota 2, Beyond the Summit (2015)
Starladder Season XII – Dota 2, Beyond the Summit (2015)
Red Bull Battlegrounds – Dota 2, Beyond the Summit (2015)
The Summit 3 – Dota 2, Beyond the Summit (2015)
The International 5 – Dota 2, Valve (2015)
Dreamleague Season 4 – Dota 2, DreamHack (2015)
ESL One New York – Dota 2, ESL (2015)
The Frankfurt Major – Dota 2, ESL/Valve (2015)
Captain’s Draft 3.0 – Dota 2, MoonduckTV (2016)
Northern Arena BEAT Invitational – Dota 2, MoonduckTV (2016)
Galaxy Battles China – Dota 2, MoonduckTV (2017)
Dreamleague Season 7 – Dota 2, DreamHack (2017)
Dota Pit Season 6 – Dota 2, ONE Game (2017)
Captain’s Draft 4.0 – Dota 2, MoonduckTV (2018)

Events Attended

MLG D.C. 2010
MLG Dallas 2011
MLG Columbus 2011
DreamHack Summer 2011
MLG Anaheim 2011
MLG Orlando 2011
PAX East 2012
MLG Raleigh 2012
DreamHack Winter 2012
PAX East 2013
Otakon 2013
PAX East 2014
Dota Asia Championships 2015
The International 4
PAX East 2016
ESL Frankfurt 2016
Summit 5
The International 6
The International 7