Our fifth Cosplay Spotlight comes from Otakon 2013 featuring Billy ‘Shinrajunkie’ Nguyen as League of Legends champion Draven. Billy’s Draven proved to be one of the more eye catching League cosplays at Otakon, with fans stopping for pictures at every turn.

Shinrajunkie’s Draven costume is his first attempt at a League of Legends cosplay, though he plans to do a genderbend Cassiopeia, as well as a Nasus, in the near future. Though he’s from Louisiana, he hopes to attend Katsucon in Washington D.C. in 2014.

Billy mentioned that because this was his first League cosplay he wanted “to go all out” to show the League cosplay community what he can do. He also has some acting experience, so he really brings the character to life with his well-practice motions and mannerisms.

The weapons are hand-carved out of wood, which makes them surprisingly heavy at about 7 pounds a piece. The more realistic weight of the weapons gives Shrinajunkie a natural flex as moves them about, furthering his immersion into the persona of Draven.

This cosplay represents about about one month’s worth of work to make it come to life. This is Billy’s first real try at face painting and make up, though it only takes him about 30 minutes of prep time.

The mustache is actually glued to his face, as that’s the only way to keep it on for the duration of a convention.

All pictures taken by Andrew Campbell.


“Welcome to the League of Draven.”