Our sixth Cosplay Spotlight comes from Otakon 2013 with Julia Louise as Kitty Cat Katarina from League of Legends. Julia is a local to the Baltimore Area, which marks this as her third Otakon.

Kitty Cat Katarina is Julia’s second take a League of Legends cosplay, with her first efforts going towards a Battle Bunny Riven that debuted at last year’s Otakon.

Julia stole the show with a striking rendition of a classic League skin. The faux fur was the most expensive part of the ensemble, though the cosplay was completed on a very reasonable budget.

One of the highlights of Julia’s Kitty Cat Katarina is her set of weapons. They were crafted from a base of insulation foam that was then covered with spackle and sanded to perfection. Insulation foam makes for a great, cost-effective base to a weapon that makes them light weight to carry around a convention all day.

Unfortunately Julia does not have a cosplay fan page at the moment, but we can expect to see her around future Otakons and other events near the Baltimore area.

“Ready for trouble?”

All pictures taken by Andrew Campbell.