The third installment of our Cosplay Spotlight series comes from Anime Next 2013 with a fabulous Garen cosplay. We recognized him right away from PAX East this year, where he was toting the same wardrobe. Garrett’s Garen cosplay stole the show at Anime Next, with hundreds of fans stopping to get a photo at nearly every turn.

This Garen cosplay is actually not an original piece, but was purchased from the CSL cosplay group after the costume was retired from one of their League of Legends performances. Garrett was ultimately able to purchase the ensemble through the mail for $450.

The costume was motivated by Garrett’s personal affection towards the Might of Demacia, as well as how well the character model translates into a cosplay. As Garrett walked about the convention, there were fans shouting every Garen line under the sun. Garen is about as iconic as they come in realm of League of Legends.

Find Garrett on League of Legends, where he goes under the name ‘Geno Garon’. His handle actually came before League of Legends, making his connection to Garen all the stronger.

“For Demacia.”


All pictures taken by Andrew Campbell and Elisha Capie.