Our second Cosplay Spotlight comes from PAX East 2013 with a set of brilliant costumes designed by Danielle Beaulieu. Danielle and her boyfriend, Nick, caught the attention of many as they sported their Zyra and Taric outfits throughout the Boston convention center just a few weekends ago. They brought the crowd to a standing ovation as they crossed the stage at the League of Legends fashion show, leaving many new-found fans hungry for more.

Danielle chose to costume as Zyra for an array of reasons, but mostly because she’s seen so few others every try to pull it off. She felt that Zyra was not only a good match for her body type, but also “the most eye-catching champion in League”. Danielle also liked that Zyra didn’t have a bulky armor set or large weapon, as she had little desire to carry a sword around all day at the convention. Although she made out easy in terms of a constrictive armor set, Danielle was hard at work each morning of the convention, spending about 4 hours blending her ears, eyes, and horns to look flush with her skin with a combination of liquid latex, Mehron face paint, and Urban Decay eye shadow.

The choice to dress her other half as Taric was a much more impromptu decision than Zyra, which left the happy couple with only a handful of weekends to bring the Taric costume to life. Though it certainly took no less effort to pull off, the Taric costume is actually built upon a modified Halloween costume. The brilliantly intricate shoulders and surprisingly large weapon were the source of much of their design efforts. The shoulders were built upon a Styrofoam base, which was cut and painted to resemble crystals, only to then be decorated with 4 rolls worth of blue cellophane wrap. The crystallized shoulders were then mounted on football shoulder pads to stay in place. Although Nick didn’t need nearly as much make up, his multi-layer costume was very difficult to get on and off.

Taric’s weapon, the center piece of their efforts, was fashioned by similar means as his shoulder pieces. The core of the weapon was made from four Styrofoam cake forms, which were wrapped in duct tape and ultimately spray painted blue. Even more blue cellophane was used in strategic places to add more definition to the weapon. Portions of the cellophane were melted to the base Styrofoam to add more strength and durability to the weapon.The endeavor of creating the Zyra and Taric costumes took Nick and Danielle over 50 hours’ worth of creating and assembling all the pieces together, and cost them over $800 in supplies, not including the poor ficus tree that was destroyed in the process of transforming Danielle into the mighty Zyra.

Rumour has it she is working on Wildfire Zyra accompanied by Charred Maokai for her next set of costumes, which may be on display at Anime Boston.

All photographs from our shoot were taken by Seth King and Andrew Campbell, and edited by Elisha Capie.

“The forest holds many surprises….”