I woke up today to see another pseudo-drama brewing on the front page of /r/dota2, and per usual the mob has quickly chosen sides with only an inkling of what actually happened.

These kind of situations are always difficult to comment on because A) most of it is a private business matter and B) it’s incredibly easy to come off salty even when just trying to clear up some facts. This is especially true if your party is the one that got screwed over; part of you wants the public to know what really happened and part of you knows it will come off contrived.

I briefly commented on our struggles with Dota Pit about 3 months ago in regard to ODPixel leaving Moonduck. At the time that bit of information seemed sufficient but now it seems like folks are misunderstanding how exactly things transpired. I really don’t think Maut was trying to start a pity party or make this whole thing a deal; he just wanted to clarify that he will in fact not be casting this LAN. His TwitLonger statement is here: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sof3k7

I think we can all agree that Dota Pit doesn’t owe Maut anything. Things change season to season and Dota Pit has every right to work with any studio or casters they want. The problem here is that Dota Pit had verbal agreements with both Pimpmuckl & Maut about covering this season. We spent a lot of man-hours negotiating talent fees, production features, and scheduling obligations under the pretense that we were the only ones being consulted for the coverage. It wasn’t until just mere weeks before coverage was scheduled to start that we were told the English casting rights were going to JoinDota for this season.

As I mentioned in the older post, this had ramifications for Moonduck – particularly for scheduling. We blocked out our schedule and turned down other third party tournaments to make sure our people would be available. When we commit to a tournament contract, we make sure casters on our label are available for all of the coverage. One of the things we pride ourselves on is consistent, quality game coverage, which means not outsourcing inconvenient coverage to lesser-known third parties.

But hey, that’s ok. Sometimes deals don’t work out; it’s a risk you bear doing business in this industry. It’s not the first time and certainly won’t be the last time. We probably should have been more suspicious when they continually refused to put anything in writing. The saddest part of the whole matter is that we had big plans to implement customized production features that could have provided a lot of value for the tournament (both aesthetically and financially).

The problem here is that Dota Pit had verbal agreements with both Pimpmuckl & Maut about covering this season. They were both promised by Dota Pit that they would be involved with the LAN because of their connection in building the Dota Pit brand/tournament over the last few seasons. Obviously that didn’t happen.

Life isn’t always fair, especially when it comes to business in the entertainment industry. Dota Pit has a right to renege on their verbal promises and Maut has a right to feel slighted- because, simply put, he was. It was a long emotional roller coaster and understandably devastating when he got the news after looking forward to this LAN for so long.

And that’s it. There’s no more to it than that. Hopefully the LAN goes smooth and we get to watch some great Dota.

That’s really what we’re here for, right?