Surviving Esports: The Zyori Story

Esports is a young industry, one that is rapidly evolving. There’s no set path that works for everyone.

Learn how Zyori went from an amateur tournament organizer to a full-time, salaried commentator through his candid self-reflections in this fascinating esports success story.

The Trent & Zyori Podcast

Sensory Deprivation – A Drug Free Psychedelic Experience

I remember thinking: life is short, and making time for love is worth it --- Just last week I was attending an event in California at the Beyond the Summit studio, doing coverage for the TI8 Qualifiers. It was a seven day broadcasting marathon with a non-stop, 24/7 stream covering regions all over the world. By the end of it most of us were feeling the grind, so BTS...

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