Since I joined the Beyond the Summit crew, the fate of Dota Radio has been uncertain.  I vowed to ‘pitch’ the idea bundling the core components of Dota Radio with Beyond the Summit, which I did. David and David were interested in the idea, but the final decision came down to a simple matter of metrics. The question: Will Dota Radio generate enough interest, traffic, and revenue to be worth the time and effort it takes to operate?

To answer this question, we decided to run the mixlr client during a live broadcast and observe the amount of listeners. Albeit this was a rather impromptu experiment, with no reddit thread or leading hype to promote the platform, the amount of listeners that used the audio-only stream was low. Really low.  Like less than 10, low.

This singleton experiment is an example merely of what Dota Radio is now, not what it could be  with proper marketing. We plan to have enough content coming up this year that we could run a radio client with at least 60 to 70 percent up time, including syndication, but that in and of itself requires man power to operate. Man power that can be better utilized in improving our already successful platform on twitch.

What will happen to the Morning Show?

The Dota Radio Morning Show as you know it will cease to exist. The heart and spirit of the show will, however, live on through a new series currently in production at Beyond the Summit.  I don’t have any details to release to the public yet, except that it will debut in March 2014 and be similar in tone & style.

What will happen to the domain?

The domain was purchased for a one-year duration, expiring in August 2014.  We currently have no plans to utilize the domain in any meaningful way, hence it will likely sit undisturbed until it expires. I have offered it to multiple colleagues that have declined to takeover the project.

For inquiries related to purchasing the domain and related IP, please send an email to zyori@

At this juncture we will be officially abandoning the Dota Radio project. Dota Radio opened my eyes (or ears as it may be) to the audio-only market, and has further motivated me to maintain my personal audio-only endeavors with The Zyori Podcast.  I want to thank every one who listened, watched, and otherwise enjoyed the content we produced at Dota Radio. Your support is what made this project possible.

Special shoutout to Chris “Hippie” CK and Charlie “Monolith” Yang  for all the work they put into the project. Without their efforts Dota Radio would have lost much of its charm that made it special.