BTS announcement small

I’m very excited to announce my full time employment with Beyond the Summit and move to their new studio near Los Angeles in California. After having the opportunity to work with BTS through the group stage of Starladder Season 8, I quickly became interested in doing more work with them, hoping for the possibility of relocating to their studio.

My dreams became reality after I was formally offered a position a few days before New Years Eve. I’ve been eager to move into an environment where I can be completely immersed in producing the best Dota 2 content possible. Living with LDGoDzMerlini, and Kpoptosis will be an experience unlike any other. 

Undoubtedly 2014 is going to be a big year not only for us, but Dota 2 as a whole. We have some big plans for the months to come that will really up the ante for studio quality productions.

As part of that plan, Beyond the Summit will be producing an array of show content alongside the regular global coverage of the biggest Dota tournaments around the world. We’re still in the process designing each show, but rest assured the spirit of the Dota Radio Morning Show will be carry over to my efforts at BTS as a caster and show host.