ZyoriTV is proud to announce the debut of Dota Radio, an audio-only source of live Dota 2 commentary.

Dota Radio is catered to listeners that have no visual feed, so the commentary style is much more descriptive in nature, with constant updates about what items heroes have, how players are positioned about the map, and the current status of the match.

There is a traditional TwitchTV stream hosted by zyori.tv alongside a low-bandwidth, audio-only stream hosted by mixlr.  The audio-only stream is fantastic for listening to live Dota 2 action on the go, or when stuck in the office without access to twitch or youtube.

Dota Radio is dedicated to bringing you as much live Dota 2 action as possible. The start things off, we will be covering Starladder action everyday for the duration of September and October before adding more events to the schedule.  Join us everyday at 11AM EST.

You can check out the Dota Radio schedule at www.dotaradio.com/schedule.  When we are live the streams will appear on the homepage of DotaRadio.com.  When offline, there will be a countdown timer to the next broadcast.

Join the conversation on reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/1luycq/