Surviving Esports: The Zyori Story

Esports is a young industry, one that is rapidly evolving. There’s no set path that works for everyone.

Learn how Zyori went from an amateur tournament organizer to a full-time, salaried commentator through his candid self-reflections in this fascinating esports success story.

A glimpse beneath the surface

Esports has become a global phenomenon that connects gamers through international tournaments. Seldom does the audience get to look beyond the veil and peer into the inner workings of their favorite events. If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to make it in esports, this book provides unparalleled insights.

What’s covered in the book


The Early Days

Going back all the way to 2010, Zyori talks about his original inspiration to run and produce live tournaments for StarCraft II through a website called Hyper Crew.


Working in Heroes of Newerth

Get the unfiltered rendition of Zyori’s experience working with defunct game developer S2 Games as one of their primary Heroes of Newerth commentators.


Going Viral with Sniff Sniff

A captivating description of how Zyori handled accidentally exposing himself live on stream and the cyberbullying that took place thereafter.

Joining Beyond the Summit

Zyori explains how he secured a salaried position at a popular esports start-up and got to work on some of the most innovative tournaments in Dota 2

“The Necronomicon of our generation.”


Content Highlights

The Big Haircut

A life changing haircut that altered Zyori’s brand forever and helped him recover from the aftermath of sniff sniff.

Major All Stars Dota 2

Known as one of the worst Dota 2 tournaments of all time, Zyori had a front row seat as one of the official commentators.

Meeting James ‘2GD’ Harding

With no where else to turn, Zyori looked towards one of the most well know names in competitive gaming for career advice.

Casting The International 2015

Zyori spent over two years of his life dedicated full-time to Dota 2 before he was given the opportunity to cast an $18 million tournament.


Who should read this book?

Aspiring esports professionals and students

Zyori’s primary goal in writing this is answer the question: How do I get a job in esports? His story is filled with candid self-reflection focused on learning from his mistakes.

Long-time Dota 2 fans

This book will resonate with anyone passionate about competitive gaming, but it goes a level deeper with Dota 2. You’ll get to peer behind the scenes and understand what went into some of Dota’s most iconic tournaments.

Entrepreneurs looking for inspiration

At it’s core this is a story of entrepreneurship in it’s purest form. Despite many failures and missteps, Zyori reinvents himself with determination and perseverance to realize his dream of having a career in esports.

Parents trying to understand gaming

The world of competitive gaming is filled with lingo and acronyms- it’s understandably hard to keep up. This book is a great tool to help confused parents understand the gaming revolution. 

About the author

Andrew M. Campbell

Andrew M. Campbell

Andrew graduated with a B.S. in Entrepreneurship in May of 2012. Since then he’s worked with a number of startups focused on internet broadcasting technology and e-commerce. His work as a live commentator for competitive video games, known as esports, has taken him around the globe to cover tournaments. Focusing primarily on Dota 2, Andrew has spent years studying the game and bringing stories to life on camera. Today he serves as Managing Director of a company called MoonduckTV that specializes in producing interactive esports events.