Dan Benson is an American actor who is best known for his role as Zeke in the Disney Channel TV series called Wizards of Waverly Place and as the voice of Ethan from Rick and Morty.

Today Dan makes a full time living from his OnlyFans account, which he manages himself. Despite being a straight man, most of his online audience is gay men. He is also a gamer and big time fan of Dota 2.

In this podcast he breaks down the transition in his career and answers Zyori’s direct questions about making adult content from home!

1:55 Dan says Hi
4:20 Twitter’s open porn policy
8:10 Leaked nudes
16:20 Being a “child” actor on Disney
28:16 Maintaining fame isn’t money
37:00 Esports is improv, no fundamentals
45:50 What’s it like making gay content as a straight guy?
58:00 Web3 payment rails for adult content creators
1:14:40 How was voice acting as Ethan on Rick & Morty?
1:20:50 Outro