Zyori Dreadlocks

A collaborative NFT collection for Zyori super fans

What are Zyori Dreadlocks?

Zyori Dreadlocks are a limited collection of 36 Dreadlock NFTs that provide super fans with direct access to Zyori and opportunities to collaborate on Zyori’s content.

Each Dreadlock NFT is uniquely modeled to match one of Zyori’s physical dreadlocks that still exist in real life, and represents the first time someone has minted their hair on the blockchain.

Each dread is also an access card to the Dread Hideout, which is a small, private community where Dread Holders can collaborate with each other, participate in events, and have dinner with Zyori.

Zyori Dreadlocks are available on Ethereum through OpenSea.

The Big Haircut

In the Fall of 2008 Zyori started growing his hair from a fresh a cut and let it grow into curly madness.

Come Summer 2010, he turned his curls in dreadlocks that grew for nearly 5 years until they were cut at the end of 2014.

At the time, he was working for a startup esports broadcasting studio and thought he needed to look more professional for work on camera.

His image might have changed, but years later he still has those dreads that were cut, tucked safely away in cold storage.. waiting until they were ready be digitally immortalized on the blockchain.


Dread Holder Perks


Join the small, diverse community of dread holders and special guests for access to: monthly voice chats, curated weekly crypto news, a book club with Zyori, and exclusive in-person Dread Dinners.


Each dread comes with a redeemable 30 minute voice chat with Zyori every 6 months. Multiple dreads held by one user don’t stack.


Have a direct line to Zyori for feedback and help shape his future content. Be there to make suggestions for podcast guests and other content. Have your most prized NFTs written into the story of Zyori’s upcoming comic book!


Tentative Roadmap

Q3 2021 | Dread artwork designed & commissioned
Q4 2021 | Dreads finished and listed on OpenSea
Q1 2022 | Launch community Discord & Book Club
Q2 2022 | Return of Zyori Plus One Podcast (OhhShiny Debut) 
Q3 2022 | Zyori Comic Series – Book 1
Q4 2022 | Zyori in Phillippines Content Series
Q1 2023 | Zyori Comic Series – Book 2
Q2 2023 | Zyori Signature Dress Prototype
Q3 2023 | Zyori Comic Series – Book 3
Q4 2023 | Airdrop of 3D Dread NFTs
Q1 2024 | Zyori Comic Series – Book 4


October 30th, 2021
Dreadlock NFT collection launched on OpenSea

December 9th, 2021
First meeting of the dread holders

December 25, 2021
Dreadlock #16 gifted to Osito Lima

February 8th, 2022
Sereia co-founders added to the Dread Hideout

March 1st, 2022
Zyori Book Club started, first book chosen: Stolen Focus

June 19th, 2022
First Dread Dinner held in New York City with guest @Axie44 


One bright morning in August, 2008… a confused, wandering soul got a haircut that would change her life. She had attempted to grow a set of dreadlocks without plan, nor preparation, which ended as poorly as one might assume.

This set of mostly unknown and fantastically embarrassing dreadlocks were a set of only 13- clumpy and disastrous when trying to manage. They were removed to pave way for growth anew; a fresh start with new roots.

Nearly two full years passed until length and mass were such that new dreads could be formed again. This time she went to a stylist, a professional prepared to tangle her curls into 36 individual locks.

Confused but eager, the stylist started separating patches of smooth, natural hair; preparing to backcomb blocks into flowing locks. 

Two hours and three stylists later, a new set of dreadlocks were formed. Unprepared for the journey to come, they stood straight on end, resembling the most convincing Sideshow Bob role-play you’d ever seen. A comical affair, mended only by hats and bandanas, that were able to push them down and cover the tender, tangled, and fizzy mess underneath. 

She walked out embarrassed, feeling both ridiculous, adorable, and uniquely distinguished as desired. 

She continue about her daily journeys, ready to rise above those that found her crops too ridiculous for reality. She knew many wouldn’t understand, but she valued the visible journal now apparent… the endless story that would be told through sun-bleach, trinkets, and knotty chaos. 

She slept each night, with a locked lion’s mane atop her head- never a moment of escape or separation. Washing took hours, drying took days, and maintenance stole her focus for years to come. But the story unfolding was captured time and time again, with strangers wondering how one could desire such fashionable mire. 

One by one relics were added in the form of rings, bands, and ties, as each dread encountered new strangers. Each relic was meant to symbolize a specific memory; a specific connection with another human, motivated enough to leave their permanent mark. A lasting gift, to signify a shared moment lost to time.

Each one with a story of its own. 

But as every good story does, this one came to an end- at least a temporary one. In November of 2014, she grew weary; her faith waned. Her desire to maintain the live story of collected hair fell to insufferable lows; and she began planning her strategy to harvest the crops. She felt public pressure to engage with an image would that be accepted by the mainstream; a style without story, or purpose, but comforting to those watching live on air. 

She folded under the pressure, and prepared for life anew. Fearful that she might not like the person she saw in the mirror after they were gone. But her career was in jeopardy. She did, what she felt, had to be done. 

The dreads were cut once again, severed at the root and placed in cold storage at the end of 2014. Deep in slumber, each dread lurked; patiently waiting for their next moment to shine… for the whole world to see. 

Addicted to the spotlight, each dread is ready to continue their adventure, especially now, after seven years of being locked away in climate controlled darkness. Their physical being, still perfectly intact; waiting for their chance to be immortalized in digital space. 

Forever attached to their owner, each dread represents a part of her journey; a key element of who she was while crops were grown and stories were held. 

Now these stories are ready to be released; prepared to be rewritten by those serendipitous enough to own a piece of this highly limited collection… tokens of good fortune for the bold, chosen few that are ready to walk down this path and write a story of their own. 

A collection that is immutable by its very nature; pegged to a physical piece that will never be expanded or recreated in the days to come…