Gwen Montgomery is a full-time twitch streamer that was able to launch her broadcasting career by going viral on twitter earlier this year. Candid in her approach as a transgender woman, Gwen’s “From pro gamer to e-girl” tweet caught the attention of major influencers and jumpstarted her fanbase. In this episode, she talks about how to handle going viral and strategies for silencing hurtful trolls.

1:37​ How’s overwatch?
7:00​ Fixing role-based matchmakinging
10:16​ Balancing games for casuals and pros
16:15​ Gwen’s professional Call of Duty run
20:42​ How Gwen went viral to start streaming
29:57​ Dealing with trolls and toxicity
40:41​ Which game is the most toxic?
46:16​ Representation matters, especially in Dota
53:46​ Is Twitch doing a good job?
58:46​ Voice profiles and competitive gaming
1:08:36​ Captivating twitch content