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Dota 2 Commentator, Podcaster, and Event Organizer

Esports since 2010.

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How LootBet Uses PornHub to Promote Betting on Dota 2

A close look into Dota’s most notorious pornographic content creator, Freya Stein, who has increased her revenue through digital product placement.

Surviving Esports: The Zyori Story

Working at Beyond the Summit, getting advice from 2GD, and addressing
sniff sniff firsthand- this book has what every Dota fan wants!

At times charming and at others painful, Zyori never holds back in his reflections on dealing with severe cyber-bullying, a life-changing haircut, and possibly the most poorly planned Dota 2 tournament in history. If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to make it in esports, this book provides unparalleled insights.

Zyori Plus One

An deep dive into gaming’s greatest minds

Zyori Plus One is an intimate, one-on-one interview podcast series. Every other Tuesday Zyori sits down with a different influencer in technology, gaming, and esports for candid conversation about hot topics.

Popular guests include: Richard Lewis, Jackie ‘EternalEnvy’ Mao, and David ‘Godz’ Parker. 

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Recent Articles

The Next Evolution of Axie Guilds & Scholarships

The Next Evolution of Axie Guilds & Scholarships

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about the future of guilds in the Axie Infinity universe and how they will scale with play-to-earn NFT games. I've spent considerable time thinking about this, and I think I've identified a broad framework that some guilds...

My Future with Axie Infinity & Blockchain Gaming

My Future with Axie Infinity & Blockchain Gaming

I am stepping down as Managing Director of Moonduck Studios & Agency to pursue a position at Sky Mavis, the creators of Axie Infinity, as their Esports & Creator Program Lead. Today marks the beginning of a big change for me. After 8 years of focusing on Dota...

Featured Interview

Richard Lewis

Esports Journalist

Zyori interviews Richard Lewis about the infamous Loda incident, Redeye’s legacy, lashing out on Twitter, and gatekeeping in esports.