Without the Spiritual Fathers.

This set is cast on the coast of the Búðahraun lava fields, which is home to one of three black churches still standing in Iceland. The black church sits above this dramatic ridge and was painted to match the dark volcanic rocks below. Its construction was made possible by the resilience and perseverance of a single woman; one that refused to take no for an answer.

This collection is an homage to her; Steinunn Sveinsdóttir, the widower that willed her dreams into reality on her own accord.

With a rebellious fortitude and triumph resolve.

One High-Powered Woman

Búðir is home to a tiny village, who’s first church was established in 1703 and abolished over 100 years later after falling to disrepair.

15 years after its abolition, Steinunn applied for permission from the church authorities to rebuild it. They denied her request, which only motivated her to push harder. She appealed directly to the king, who gave her the authorization that she desired.

Through an act of brazen rebellion and relentless willpower, Steinunn’s church was raised; and, marked with one, vexing inscription that sealed her victory…

“The church is raised with no subsidy from the spiritual fathers, by Steinunn Sveinsdóttir”

Shot on location at Búðir, Iceland. January 2022.

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