Ready or not, climate change is here. One of the most common and valid criticisms of crypto is the electricity it demands and the environmental impact of that consumption. For an industry that prides itself on building global coordination tools, will any of it matter if the globe catches fire in the process? This week, we learn about crypto’s plan to go green and how the right incentive mechanism design could be used to bring others with it.

Consensus episode –
Cambridge Electricity Consumption Index –
Bitcoin vs Legacy Finance Carbon Emissions –
Ethereum energy post merge –
Klima DAO –

0:00 – Intro
1:45 – Electrical consumption
4:00 – Proof of work
8:23 – Proof of stake
11:22 – ETH 2.0 merge
17:45 – Carbon neutrality
19:00 – Carbon negative
20:20 – Using renewable energy