What the heck is an NFT??? The gang dives head-first into one of the first truly mainstream use-cases for crypto. Grab your top hat skin and your monocle token, today we’re appraising fine, digital art.

2:00​ – What is an NFT?
8:40​ – Recent NFT Sales
16:28​ – NFTs in gaming
23:08​ – Where can I buy NFTs?
25:30​ – Where do we go from here?
29:01​ – Lightning Round – What if I steal art and make an NFT?
30:48​ – Can’t I just screenshot an NFT?
32:08​ – What if the art gets deleted?
33:52​ – Are NFTs the new ICOs?
36:28​ – Are NFTs burning the planet?
40:37​ – Sign off