The squad comes to a consensus about consensus mechanisms. Who runs the blockchain? What is trust collateral and which one is best? How many new blocks do we really need? Join in as we peel back the next layer of the crypto-onion.

1:30​ – What is a node?
4:39​ – What is a consensus mechanism?
7:42​ – Proof of Work
10:00​ – Proof of Stake
15:40​ – Delegated Proof of Stake
16:52​ – Proof of Time and Space
19:20​ – Trade offs
24:13​ – Lightning Round – Can you run a node without running a miner?
25:40​ – What happens when consensus fails?
29:12​ – What happens if too many nodes go offline?
30:50​ – Do we need more blockchains?