Panda from team No Ping comes on to talk about his recent suspension from the BTS Americans event for using racist slurs in a public matchmaking game, just 4 days after another player was suspended for the exact same thing. Translations by Avo+.

0:00​ Zyori Intro
2:13​ Bowie Intro
4:35​ Zyori responds to 2019 racism post
8:30​ In Panda’s words, what happened?
11:40​ Cultural context, all racism is wrong
15:03​ Where are the guidelines from Valve?
18:05​ Does Panda agree DPC means more responsibility?
23:01​ How can we mend the situation?
27:37​ Let’s all work to do better
31:46​ Does Panda think the ban is a fair punishment?
34:17​ Panda is donating to the NAACP
35:55​ What has Panda actually done to improve himself?
38:58​ Closing Thoughts