Bowie and Zyori interview the position 4 player from Thunder Predator, Joel Mori “MoOz” Ozambela, who recently had a stand out performance at the Singapore Major. He talks about playing on low ping, some tricks to Earth spirit, success despite not having a coach, the difference between playing in NA vs SA.

0:57​ How was the major? Were you jetlagged?
2:17​ Why so stylish? Who’s doing your hair?
4:12​ Confidence. Has it improved since the major?
6:10​ Did the other teams under-estimate you?
10:24​ MoOz’s post about queuing on SA servers
11:08​ New connection from Brasil to Portugal (70ms)
13:28​ What’s your situation with finding a coach?
18:38​ How’s the vibe at Thunder Predator?
20:03​ Comparison playing in NA w/ J.Storm
25:06​ Is Dota growing in Peru?
30:03​ Thoughts on DPC format
32:00​ How will Thunder Predator fare vs Beastcoast?
34:07​ Outro