The carry player for SG Esports, the only Brasilian team in the SA DPC Upper Division, joins Zyori and Bowie to share his thoughts about the league so far. Costabile opens up about their recent loss against Thunder Predator and talks about the current inner-workings of SG.

0:38 Loss vs Thunder Predator
3:09 How long has your team been together?
4:49 Communication in English vs Portugese
5:29 Who is your coach?
8:20 Who do you scrim?
10:30 What are brasilian fans like?
12:20 Are conditions in SA improving?
16:13 Gatekeeping in Dota
17:26 LAN Culture in Peru vs Brasil
19:35 Astini / B8 Situation
26:20 Costabile on Lower Division
28:14 Costabile on Upper Division
29:35 Costabile on DPC Schedule
31:05 Spanish DPC Viewership
33:55 Shout-outs