This episode of SADPP focuses on the business side of South American Dota, featuring a lengthy, in-depth interview with Beastcoast CEO, Grant Zinn. Beastcoast is currently the only North American team organization operating successfully in the South American Dota space, and now their investments in player infrastructure and behind-the-scenes content has set them way ahead of competition.

1:54​ History of the Beastcoast Roster
6:23​ Orgs, Players and Trust
10:54​ Beastcoast Supplying Infrastructure and the Future in SA
15:50​ How many of your sponsors care about Dota?
18:50​ How’s the cashflow?
21:55​ How can more teams get orgs in SA/NA?
28:04​ Why is SA Dota Moving Forward and NA is Receding
34:00​ Transparency for Salaries in Dota
39:30​ Building up SA Dota from Behind the Scenes
52:00​ Pros and Cons of the DPC Tournament Model
54:00​ Equity vs Equality in the DPC