This interview is focused on the latest drama surrounding 0-900’s disqualification for the SA DPC Lower Division. Jericho is the primary player accused in the situation and speaks about what happened.

0:00​ Intro
1:54​ What happened, from Jericho’s perspective
5:14​ Insider information: why risk it as a player?
9:03​ How rampant is match-fixing in SA?
13:16​ Is the pressure to win an excuse?
17:50​ Do we understand what zero tolerance means?
21:06​ Are we clear about the spectrum of match-fixing?
23:29​ Does Jericho think he’ll be banned by Valve?
26:30​ How can we fix this problem of match-fixing?
30:29​ Jericho final thoughts
31:40​ Zyori Closing Monologue