Lelis from team Quincy Crew just qualified for the Singapore Major as second place in North America. A brasil player that’s been crossing regions, Lelis shares his perspective on the current league, living with EternalEnvy, and playing as a sponsor-less team.

0:36​ MVP Mercedes trade-in
3:23​ Does Lelis care about Dragon’s Blood
7:10​ Switching from Portugese to English on Twitch
10:25​ Astini and leaving B8
14:20​ Living with Envy & playing with Flying Penguins
17:35​ NA vs SA, Are the conditions any different?
20:59​ Are there any under rated players in the Americas pubs?
26:05​ Is the current DPC system doing it right?
30:37​ Studying vs professional dota
34:20​ Thoughts on 0-900/Jericho