Leostyle is the 25-year old mid player for team Thunder Predator that recently qualified for the Singapore Major. He comes on the show to talk about the DPC Season, training conditions at Thunder Predator, and recovering from carpal tunnel.

1:23​ How does it feel to be going to Singapore Major?
2:52​ Any special requirements regarding covid?
4:47​ Who would play with if you could pick any player?
6:05​ Which region/player inspires you the most in Dota?
9:57​ How is it playing for Thunder Predator?
12:30​ Does not having a coach put you at a disadvantage vs t1 teams?
14:10​ Carpal Tunnel injury and recovery
17:15​ Arms situation, player removal
21:55​ What needs to be changed in DPC?
25:55​ OD vs Huskar mid match-up
28:22​ Where will Thunder Predator and Beastcoast place in the major?
30:22​ Only 8 of the 18 teams get prize money in the major
33:00​ Outro