The boys take the first real step down the crypto rabbit hole: Bitcoin. The OG. The big coin on campus. The oldest and largest cryptocurrency by market cap. Who made it? What problem does it solve? Why would anyone pay $335M for two Papa John’s Pizzas? All of this and more as we begin our dizzying descent into decentralized finance.

1:30​ – Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?
5:15​ – What is a new currency worth?
7:23​ – The Blockchain
9:50​ – Double spend problem a
12:06​ – Let me tell you about bitcoin
13:31​ – Immutability and consensus
17:20​ – Monetary policy
19:53​ – Trust + value over the internet
23:08​ – Lightning round
23:45​ – Does it matter who Satoshi Nakamoto is?
26:55​ – What are all of these alternative bitcoins?
28:40​ – How is Bitcoin regulated?
32:00​ – Sign off