After three weeks off Trent comes back to the podcast to discuss the standing of NA orgs, the last team aside from EG leaving the region, mmr re-calibrations, Secret’s 24 – 0 grand finals streak, and the latest drama with China’s new all-star team.

2:23 Podcast recap
7:55 Crazy dropping esports
11:14 Upcoming Events
13:42 The standing of current NA orgs
16:12 Making Dota events happen and logistics
23:11 Sponsor interest for esports vs influencers
25:20 What does Dota mean for Valve long term
28:54 Feelings on another MMR reset and rank
33:36 Other systems that could work for Dota esports
38:05 Esport orgs underperforming in NA
44:05 Getting hyped for a new RTS game
46:10 Secret’s dominance in Dota
51:00 Casting and playing games on other platforms
53:40 The Secret Dynasty
1:00:30 China’s new all-star team drama
1:07:12 Rewatching and analyzing classic Dota