Trent and Zyori reconvene to talk about Liquid’s first place finish at ESL One Germany, the end of Secret’s streak, Epic League, Chinese Dota, Arkosh gaming, Vtubers, & DIRETIDE!

0:00 Intro
5:46 T&Z Casting Updates
8:18 Update on the GodZ podcast regarding Mason
10:17 Trent, The guru of Dota Dads
15:03 With the death of VODS, comes the birth of new content
32:50 The ESL storyline, Secret getting spanked
45:56 Epic League and covering Chinese Dota
55:20 The rules and logistics for broadcasting Chinese Tournaments
1:00:48 Trent’s Guilty pleasures
1:03:12 Zyori’s POE updates
1:05:51 Arkosh Gaming, The Gorillaz of NA dota
1:11:10 VTuber promotion market
1:16:04 T&Z’s Diretide adventures
1:23:06 Outro