Trent and Zyori talk about the recent Epic League coverage and then dive into a deep discussion about hero balance that goes off the rails. Is PA’s ultimate poor game design? Will Trent ever give a hot take? Will anyone be foolish enough to ‘invest’ in Fnatic? Find out in this episode…

0:23 Working and Covering Epic League
22:35 A Retrospective on Hero Design
26:32 Trent’s Hot Take for the week
29:17 Are Abilities Too Random, or Over Tuned?
34:53 A Larger Hero Pool Means Less Identity
38:32 Fun vs Consistency in terms of game design
42:11 Best and Worst Hero Designs
44:54 Situational Picks
53:09 Reworking the hero pool for a sequel
57:41 Are old TI wins relevant in terms of skill
1:01:57 Crowd Funding Fnatic
1:07:09 Upcoming Perfect World League
1:11:27 4 Angry Men Rebranding & China Pro Cup
1:17:33 Trent The Coach Coming Soon
1:20:22 Outro