Trent and Zyori talk about the latest in DPC with a special focus on North & South America. They tackle Arkosh Gaming, prize distribution, Dota GOAT, coaches in China, and the dark horse in SEA.

4:00 The League Structure
7:26 The Arkosh Mystery
10:03 Bottom Dollar for The Bottom Tier
17:40 The Quality of Matches for DPC
24:00 Drama in the DPC
29:58 DPC Work Dynamic
37:00 Who is the Dota GOAT?
43:33 Tundra Esport, New Money in the Dota Economy
47:27 Dota Streaming Ecosystem
54:23 China DPC, The Old Guard Coaching Scene
1:02:32 SEA DPC, Dark Horse, Hype Games
1:06:50 Fewer Games, More Prep Time
1:09:54 Steam Game Fest & Crypto