Trent and Zyori reconvene after a month to discuss the latest, including: The International 10 moving to Romania, TI10 regional qualifiers, Team Secret x Axie, WePlay Animajor, and Bo Burnham’s Inside.

0:45 TI10 to Romania in October
10:45 Team Secret tweets about Axie Infinity
20:20 TI10 Qualifiers
28:45 MrAvo+ the GOAT
33:50 Trent the GOAT?
37:50 Phil’s tweet about Dota team contracts
49:49 Thoughts on the WePlay Ani-major
1:05:25 Bo Burnham’s Inside on Netlfix !!
1:09:00 General show talk / suggestions
1:15:10 Trent grew up reading Bible scripture
1:19:00 Zyori’s trip to North Carolina
1:26:00 Outro