Trent & Zyori sit down for a catch up after 5 weeks away, covering missed news about Blizzard, Amazon’s MMO, and real life qualms before diving into Patch 7.30 and Trent’s BINGO card.

0:00 Intro
6:05 Empathizing with Valve as a Game Dev
10:55 Blizzard is now a husk of it’s former self
18:20 Amazon’s new MMO game
23:15 Zyori & Trent anecdotes from real life
34:00 DOTA TALK: Patch 7.30
35:30 Trent’s patch day BINGO
39:00 7.30 Highlights & Overview
49:00 Captain’s Mode pick order change
55:45 Shitting all over the new neutral items
1:07:15 Supporting content you consume
1:10:35 Donating Moonduck Merch
1:14:45 TI10 Hopes & Wishes