Robson “TeaGuvnor” Merritt is a Dota 2 analyst and coach that recently worked Omega League and Epic League in the fall of 2020. He joins Zyori for a candid discussion about his commentary career so far, the challenges of being full-time, and how it feel to be left out of this first season of DPC.

3:12 Dota Newcomer Struggles
7:08 Dota is Largely Half-Assed
8:27 DPC Thoughts
11:54 Balancing Viewers, Players, and TOs
21:13 Third Party Events During DPC
25:53 Getting Hired as Broadcast Talent
29:19 TeaGuv’s Talent Experiences
34:40 Up-and-Coming Talent
41:36 Worst Broadcast Memories
55:59 Hype Play by Play
1:03:58 TeaGuv’s Future Plans
1:09:04 Waiting for Someone to Break Their Leg
1:16:34 TeaGov’s Banana’s Backup Plan
1:22:31 Creating Better Content