Jackie Mao is a long time Dota 2 player that has played in multiple regions and even owned his own team organization. EternalEnVy holds the record for the most professional games played that last more than 60 minutes- a chaotic mastermind that lives his life mostly in the moment. In this episode, EnVy gets introspect and speaks in detail about many of his past decisions, as well as his plans for the future.

01:20​ Team Fight Tactics vs Dota 2
08:30​ Do you regret not playing this DPC?
16:00​ Are you worried about Dota in NA?
22:59​ Regrets on Disbanding Team NP
30:48​ Working with Loot Market & FYM Hot Sauce
38:00​ Improvements for DPC
43:08​ Envy’s most proud Dota moment
52:30​ BTC, DOGE, GME
59:59​ Envy’s future plans
1:10:05​ Outro