Seth King, known as Achilios, is a full-time commentator for the Overwatch League and just finished his third season covering the league. Seth has been living in Seoul, South Korea for several years now, originally leaving the States to pursue a career in League of Legends commentary for the Korean LCK league.

7:51 OWL During the pandemic
10:59 NA perfomance in the OWL
15:14 Using Youtube the platform
19:00 The OW community vs LoL community
21:06 Working with Wolf
23:11 Do you miss League?
24:41 Thoughts on Valorant
28:23 Overwatch 2 and the Story content
33:52 Longevity in esports
34:57 Dota from an outsider perspective
40:10 Zyori and Seth Press Pass adventures
42:02 Mobile MOBAS
44:07 Going out at events
47:01 Wild Rift and Mobile esports
51:06 Moving internationally to work in esports
54:56 Life in Korea for Achilios and learning the language
1:08:57 World of Warcraft, are you excited for Shadowlands?
1:15:55 Moving to real names from screen names as talent
1:19:11 Streaming and waiting for the next season of OWL