David Parker is a veteran Dota 2 commentator and co-founder of the popular esports studio Beyond the Summit. He joins Zyori to talk about Amazon’s failures with DMCA, Mason at The Summit X, match-fixing in esports, twitch chat moderation, and getting away from handles.

0:00 Intro
6:06 Twitch DMCA
17:24 NA Dota and Valve supported BTS Summit
26:50 Teams and TOs adapting to the online format
31:08 Revenue share model for tournaments
33:50 Deciding where to base your studio
38:20 Politics and speech in esports broadcasting
49:50 Moderation / Censorship at Beyond the Summit
57:50 Mason at The Summit X
1:08:18 Twitch Chat Moderation, Mobile sports and working in SEA
1:17:18 Matchfixing in esports
1:26:50 Betting on Dota and working with betting sponsors
1:39:28 Moving away from handles and gimmicks
1:43:18 Growth in the Dota scene
1:52:42 Outro