Andrew Jenkins is a full time Dota 2 content creator, in-game analyst, and former professional competitor in North America. Known as THE Dota 2 Degenerate, Jenkins comes on for a very raw chat spamming psychology in gaming, earnings as broadcast talent, min/maxing youtube, being ok with being yourself, challenges with Twitch chat moderation, and thoughts on Plasma’s DQ vs Beastcoast.

0:00 Intro
4:45 Creating content for Dota
10:20 Growing your Youtube audience
30:30 Jenkins psychology through dota
41:15 Earnings and dick pics
47:06 The quirks that make us dota people
59:22 Psychology behind the MMR grind
1:03:28 Being your true self as a talent
1:13:38 Twitch Moderation on subjective topics
1:38:11 Running side businesses
1:47:15 Plasma’s disqualification vs Beastcoast
1:58:10 Producing content from raw creativity
2:14:32 Outro