Brax has been a full-time Dota 2 competitor since 2012, with experiences playing both in China and North America. Although soft-spoken at times, Brax and Zyori dive deep into recent issues in the Dota scene, like: player conduct, regional bias, match-fixing, and covid. Warning: not for the faint of heart.

0:50​ What’s it like playing with EternalEnvy
3:10​ Current mentality of a 3rd place NA Dota team
5:50​ Dota Regrets?
10:20​ Did you ever consider giving up and going to university?
15:15​ Maintaining physical and mental health
19:40​ Playing vs Casting, Which does Brax prefer?
24:55​ SA Racism Call-out / Player Code of Conduct
33:50​ Jericho / 0-900 lingering questions
39:18​ 4Zoomers, a player-run organization
43:55​ What happened to J.Storm’s DPC Points?
49:40​ Will slots be adjusted based on Singapore results?
54:00​ EU vs NA “banter”; is it destructive?
1:01:55​ Beastcoast Stinger gets fined for breaking quarantine rules
1:05:40​ What’s coach ixmike up to?
1:10:50​ Repetitive Stress Injuries. How do you play POE?
1:15:28​ Who is the anti-thesis of Brax?
1:20:35​ All Dota players don’t play under the same rules
1:21:50​ Team covid press release, Zyori vs Kelly on Twitter
1:31:10​ We have close to 0 influence over Valve
1:38:30​ Brax the therapist
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