Bowie is a South American Dota 2 analyst that makes educational content for new Dota players and will be covering this upcoming season of SA DPC.

10:08 Dota Pit Talent Announcement
12:55 DPC Season for 2021
16:52 What the DPC might mean for TO’s and Teams
30:50 New DPC in relation to Tier 1 and 2/3
36:40 TI in 2021
40:55 Talent invites to TI
51:16 First Casting Experiences
59:25 What Purge Means to Dota Fans
1:08:11 Reaching Your Audience
1:23:44 Content Rights in Dota
1:35:28 The D2BOWIE Rant for SA Dota
1:49:42 Outro