Jack ‘KBBQ’ Chen is the manager of NA Dota team Quincy Crew and has worked extensively as broadcast talent for major Dota tournaments in both English and Chinese. He chats with Zyori about the history of Quincy Crew, the next generation of Dota players, Demon’s situation, Arkosh Gaming, memories from Captain’s Draft 4, and life after Dota.

0:00 Intro
1:49 Covid life & Dota
8:30 NA Dota from a manager’s perspective
13:32 History of Quincy Crew
18:59 Being a player run Org
22:00 Are Dota players doing enough to build their brands?
31:06 The next generation of NA Dota players
41:18 Demon’s redemption
46:53 What it takes to be a dota coach
51:17 Arkosh Gaming
54:47 Jack missing the fun of talent work
59:08 Jack asking about life as talent in 2020
1:01:20 Reminiscing about Captains Draft 4
1:08:40 Prospects for talent after Dota