Gabriel Nassif is a Magic the Gathering Hall of Famer, professional poker player, full-time twitch streamer, and Dota 2 enthusiast. He joins Zyori in this episode to talk about competitive Magic, how it relates to Dota 2, balancing RNG vs Skill in games, Artifact, and the struggles of NA Dota.

0:00 Intro
2:43 Love/Hate Relationship with Dota
5:40 Playing and Streaming MTG
11:41 How the MTG Pro Circuit Works
15:56 The Economy of MTG
26:38 Preference for Paper vs Online MTG
28:48 Balancing Skill vs RNG
38:34 Professional Poker
45:12 Looking Back at Artifact
54:26 The YellowHat Biography
1:10:09 The Attention Market Share
1:17:47 Playing and Content Creation