Sunbhie is currently the coach for Team Fnatic, that has recently qualified for the Singapore Major. He has a long history as one of the early players competing in Korea and then became a full time coach in 2016. He helped lead Team Secret to seven top-3 finishes during his tenure and has no shortage of perspective on the competitive Dota 2 landscape.

2:10​ SunBhie coaching from Korea
15:00​ Show resumes
15:25​ Risks of going to Singapore, 60% of teams unpaid
17:30​ DPC prizing distribution
22:15​ Why doesnt Dota have an Esports Director?
29:00​ One series per week per team; any advantages?
34:00​ Does every team really need a coach?
38:05​ Sunbhie’s coaching resume and long history with few teams
41:45​ Why did Sunbhie leave team Secret?
45:25​ “True Dota only gets played at TI”
48:25​ Do you ever look back at 2014 and think “We didn’t know how good we had it?”
54:10​ Sunbhie’s thoughts on living in Canada vs Korea
1:02:00​ Sunbhie reacts to his angry tweets about South American Dota
1:08:20​ Thoughts on Jericho/0-900 situation
1:09:30​ Matchfixing culture in Korea
1:16:05​ SA as SEA, just 6 years removed
1:20:00​ NA Dota – “Dota is rough everywhere, man”
1:25:36​ Saudi esports and marketing dollars