M. Shadows (aka Shadows.eth) is the lead singer for the popular metal band Avenged Sevenfold (A7X) and founder of the Deathbats Club, powered by a 10k NFT Collection on Ethereum.

Shadows first got into Ethereum in 2016 and was quickly excited by the potential of smart contracts. He was early in trading CryptoPunks and is now on the forefront of using blockchain to enhance the live event experience, specifically for live music performances!

0:58 How did Shadows get into blockchain?
6:05 Did Shadows play Axie Infinity or P2E games?
8:20 Cultural observations of NFTs
12:08 Did Shadows breed any CryptoKitties?
13:30 Shadows’ CryptoPunks tattoos
17:00 Deathbats Club
24:40 Staying away from the NFT community
29:19 BLUR / Enforcing Creator Fees for NFTs
37:35 DEADROP & Tokenizing web3 esports
42:34 Psychology of supporting creators as a fan
46:47 Proof-of-Participation through concert attendance
52:35 Will we see M. Shadows speaking anywhere?
55:12 Any book recommendations?
57:00 Final thoughts about the power of BLOCKCHAIN