Sebastian Park is an esports investor and builder that has experience managing Dota teams, working as VP of Esports for the Housten Rockets, and now a venture partner at Bitkraft. He recently took part in launching the Esports Certification Institute (ECI), an education program for folks looking to enter the esports industry. The launch was not received well, and led to viral mockery on Twitter and other social media platforms.

01:24​ Esports Certification Institute (ECI) Certification
03:22​ Hiring aspect of esports
08:20​ ECI practice exam backstory
13:22​ Polarizing responses on the sample questions
18:04​ Rollout Strategy for ECI
20:36​ Mistakes made on the certification
20:54​ Feedback from the community
21:20​ Entry-level Programs vs Esports Bachelor’s Programs
23:26​ Sports Management Degrees as a pathway?
25:48​ Farsight Academy – A Commentator Esports Academy
29:06​ Mentorships in esports
32:01​ How credentials are factored in hiring in esports
38:49​ Gatekeeping in esports
46:36​ Staffordshire University Esports Degree
49:40​ What ECI did to those who already signed up
50:07​ Avenues to be a part of esports
52:35​ How fate affects success
53:51​ The Future of ECI