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ZyoriTV is a content hub and community around the works of esports and gaming personality Andrew ‘Zyori’ Campbell.

Zyori has been a play-by-play commentator, desk host, and event organizer in esports since 2010 and started working full time developing user experiences for blockchain games in 2021.

Firsthand Storytelling and Opinionated Introspection

Zyori’s content is highly reflective of his own journey as a creator and offers introspection through video podcasts, modeling photoshoots, comics books, blogs, and livestreams.

The Gaming Equalizer

Gaming can be seen as a great equalizer. Ubiquitous, algorithmic environments that give us a digitally level playing field, regardless of who’s behind the screen; a powerful vehicle that drives connection and culture.

Esports is an extension of that equalizer; an amplifier that can bring to life entire ecosystems around organic, competitive energy and extend the connections between fans, teams, devs, and players.

As progressively more people embrace gaming as a regular part of their lives, digital asset ownership and verifiable online identity will become increasingly more relevant to the global conversation.


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