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Dota 2 Commentator, Podcaster, and Event Organizer

Esports since 2010.

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How LootBet Uses PornHub to Promote Betting on Dota 2

A deep dive into Dota’s most notorious pornographic content creator, Freya Stein, who has increased her revenue through digital product placement.

Surviving Esports: The Zyori Story

Working at Beyond the Summit, getting advice from 2GD, and addressing
sniff sniff firsthand- this book has what every Dota fan wants!

At times charming and at others painful, Zyori never holds back in his reflections on dealing with severe cyber-bullying, a life-changing haircut, and possibly the most poorly planned Dota 2 tournament in history. If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to make it in esports, this book provides unparalleled insights.

Trent & Zyori Podcast

An esports podcast with a focus on Dota 2

Bi-weekly episodes about general esports news, Dota gameplay updates and thoughts on the latest player drama.

Trent and Zyori have worked together as co-commentators since 2015 and cast for over 2,000 hours together. The podcast has grown over the years to include interviews professional athletes, like NHL Goalie Linus Ullmark and NFL Linebacker Blake Martinez.

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Wearing a Dress and Saying Yes to a Copacetic Life

Wearing a Dress and Saying Yes to a Copacetic Life

It all started with a simple conversation. A conversation with someone I've never met in real life and hadn't spoken to online in over 7 years. Her name is Maddie (previously known as Barny). She was kind enough to join me for a candid 'real talk' podcast, and opened...

The Story of Sniff Sniff: Going Viral the Wrong Way

The Story of Sniff Sniff: Going Viral the Wrong Way

It was October, 2012. Only two years had passed since I began my journey into the world of esports, but I was spending most of my time playing Dota 2. Playing isn't exactly the right word. Don't get me wrong- the gameplay was fun, but I wasn't just playing for...

Zyori’s Top 10 Favorite Video Games

Zyori’s Top 10 Favorite Video Games

The following is a list of my personal favorite video games of all time. This is by no means supposed to be some sort of objective, tiered list of the greatest games ever. Rather, these are the games that stand out the most in my memory. 10. Pokemon Blue - Game Boy...

Featured Interview

Andrew Jenkins

Dota Degenerate

Zyori interviews Jenkins about content creation on youtube, working as full time Dota talent, relationship difficulties, and honest feedback.