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Learn more about Zyori’s history as a traveling esports commentator, tournament organizer, author, and podcaster.

Dreadlock NFTs

Limited collection of 36 NFTs – the exact number of dreadlocks that Zyori had in real life.. giving each holder special access!

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Wearing a Dress and Saying Yes to a Copacetic Life

A reflective discovery into my journey coming out as a crossdresser and the effects of resolving my own residual self image.

The Adorable Zyori Webcomic

Crossdresser by day and gamer by night, Zyori is an esports veteran that works for a blockchain gaming company called Sky Mavis. Their masterpiece is a game called Axie Infinity, where creatures called Axies expand their civilization and battle evil Chimera for control of a resource-rich land known as Lunacia.

After too many hours in the office, Zyori’s digital world starts to clash with real life in ways she can’t easily explain. As the unbelievable becomes believable, The Adorable Zyori embarks on a cryptographic journey of her wildest dreams with Axies she knows all too well in this comic adventure!

The New Blocks

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, & DeFi

The New Blocks is an educational podcast series with the first 15 episodes geared towards crypto first-timers that are just starting their journey.

Now the podcast features 0x episodes, where Zyori & Kevin talk about current events and news in blockchain.

Available on SpotifyiTunes, and Youtube

Surviving Esports: The Zyori Story

Working at Beyond the Summit, getting advice from 2GD, and addressing
sniff sniff firsthand- this book has what every Dota fan wants!

At times charming and at others painful, Zyori never holds back in his reflections on dealing with severe cyber-bullying, a life-changing haircut, and possibly the most poorly planned Dota 2 tournament in history. If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to make it in esports, this book provides unparalleled insights.

Featured Interview

Dan Benson

From Disney to OnlyFans

Dan Benson is an American actor who is best known for his role as Zeke in the Disney Channel TV series called Wizards of Waverly Place and as the voice of Ethan from Rick and Morty.